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Department of Electrical Engineering 

The Department of Electrical Engineering offers technical education to under graduate and also provides consultancy & testing to industries. Department is committed to provide an integrated learning environment to enable students to grow towards their full potential and high expectations of industries and society.

The VISION of the department is to provide high quality technical education and to develop overall personality of student to fulfil the expectations of industry & society. The department has shown a positive growth over the years in curricular, co-curricular & extracurricular activities.


  • Emphasis on value added education
  • Ensure high quality output of student in every aspect of life
  • Continuous quality improvement of our faculty & staff for the organizational development
  • To evolve and implement management and administration mechanism that is responsive, reliable and efficient In tune with the vision to achieve the excellence in the field of engineering education in India, our goals are

Long term goals:

  • To lay maximum emphasis on practical knowledge.
  • Keep in touch with the latest technological developments which results in imparting quality education.
  • Establishing good tie up with industry, which results in knowing their requirement and that requirement is fulfilled by providing skilled and knowledgeable engineers.
  • To provide a creative environment so that students can develop their all round personality
  • To lay emphasis on learning thoroughly the basic fundamentals of each subjects, this will enable students to gain confidence in tackling complicated real time engineering problems

Short term goals:

  • Create in students a thirst/awareness for latest technological developments by arranging lectures of eminent experts
  • Arranging students visit to various industries
  • To provide quality teachers
  • To provide good departmental library
  • To provide good wi-fi connectivity

Principal strengths of the department:-

  • Qualified and committed faculty with positive attitude
  • Excellent performance of students in university exams
  • Excellent performance of students at GATE, Power Grid, NTPC and other Competitive examinations
  • Well placed and supportive alumni in India
  • Vast land recourses that provide good scope for academic development and expansion
  • Good electrical machine labs

HoD’s Desk

Welcome to the home page of the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering DKNMU. The Department aims are to provide regional standard quality programmes of under graduated and post graduated   Education. To be research active unit advancing the knowledge of engineering and science and to serve the community and industry as an agent of technological ,educational innovation and advancement.

We graduated  and post graduated  students who worked and manage key positions .we produced research results that are nationally and internationally  recognised among the many areas of research and education  in Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department are Power system ,Electrical machine ,Power Electronics ,Wireless and Electromagnetics .Electrical drives and control ,HVDC system ,control system .

Currently we have number of students in under graduated and post graduated and  Diploma courses ,eight full time academic faculty members ,our faculty and staff are alumni of well known institute and university of all over India and highly qualified. 

By scrolling around, you should be able to learn about our under graduated and post graduated program offered

Our Vision

To become a front-runner in bringing out globally competent electrical and electronics engineers, innovators, researchers, and entrepreneurs and thereby contribute value to the knowledge-based economy and society.

Our Mission

·  To provide  good quality Under-Graduate, Post-Graduate and Doctoral programmes in electrical and electronics engineering

·  To bridge the gap between industry and academia by framing curricula and syllabi based on industrial and societal needs

·  To provide suitable forums to enhance the creative talents of students and faculty members

·  To enable students to develop skills to solve complex technological problems of current times and also provide a framework for promoting collaborative and multidisciplinary activities

Events and Seminars

MATLAB                  Date : -14/09/2017

Delivered By:- Mr. Akhilesh Kumar

Mathematical Analysis with Symbolic Math

 Numerical Computations with High Precision and Decimal Digits of PI

 Compute Binomial Coefficients Exactly

 Solving Equations using Symbolic Math

Physical Modelling with MATLAB

 Use of Physical Modelling in Electrical systems

 Steady State Analysis of Electrical System.

Fuzzy and Artificial Intelligence

 Forecasting of Power Load with Fuzzy Designer and Clustering

 Train a Neural Network to Estimate the Energy use of a Building from Time and Weather


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Po And Co

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Infrastructure facilities

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Course Syllabus

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Student / Faculty Achievement

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Sponsored Research & Consultancy Projects

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Research Initiatives

Co-Curricular and Extra-curricular activities

Co-Curricular and Extra-curricular activities

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Workshop/Guestlectures/Industrial Visit



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Institute Industry Interaction





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