Faculty of Applied Sciences

About the Faculty of Applied Sciences

The department aims for holistic development of the students and  prepares students for higher studies and for industries by imparting knowledge about fundamental facts of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Professional Communication and other  engineering subjects.

The courses taught by the teachers of this department lay the foundation of engineering sciences. Professional communication is of particular importance for improving the vocal and writting skills of students. An understanding of Physics and Chemistry is essential for several engineering subjects like electronics, electrical engineering and engineering materials. Mathematics is undisputedly important in all fields of engineering.

HoD’s Desk

The Department of Applied Sciences takes initiative in augmenting overall growth of the students. The faculty members are, no doubts, highly dedicated towards academic performance of the students. To make the students aware of the fact s of life in terms of learning, the Department focuses on the career of the students

Here at Dr. K. N. Modi University we have a number of students in our department in diploma, degree and P.G. courses, they are our strength. They are guided and motivated by my team of well qualified and experienced faculties. Their collective effort results in shaping future of the students. The dedicated faculty and staff of the department work very hard in their respective areas. The students maintain a good relationship with all the members of the department .The constant enquiry and interaction with students reveal the potential which is safely nurtured to exhibit skills in all aspects. The faculty expresses their concern for the welfare of students by mentoring in academic and personal matters. With the facilities and laboratories provided, we have a clear focus on teaching, learning and research.

Apart from studies, we conduct curricular and co-curricular activities, fests, seminars & conferences time to time, so that our students get the right amount of exposure and platform to showcase their talent and ability, to ensure their overall development.

Our Vision

The University equips all Science graduates with the solid knowledge in applied sciences and Mathematics needed to solve challenging problems in their respective Engineering and Science disciplines. The University offers undergraduate, graduate and professional students the balanced knowledge in Engineering, Science, business and humanity required for success in the increasingly competitive global marketplace.

To cater our students to pursue both intellectual growth and professional development, balance both depth and breadth in learning experience, practice both thoughtful reflection and active application. To prepare the students to face the challenges, cross the hurdles and keep patience in adverse circumstances.

Applied Science is an anvil to chisel future professionals with the skills, imbibed with social, ethical and moral values, so that the pupils can expedite their efforts to build new technologies from knowledge and be a part in the development and progress of our nation.

Our Mission

The University is committed to teach our students to question critically, think logically, communicate clearly, and live ethically. These skills serve as the foundation for living the examined life and succeeding in an increasingly global, ever-changing workplace. The University leverages this through its: Student-centered teaching that emphasizes: a) innovative, engaging, and challenging coursework; b) intellectually vibrant instruction; c) project-based learning; d) practical team interactions; e) student-industry cooperative experiences; and f) industrial, government, and academic partnerships that prepare students for immediate career success; g) leadership in global outreach development through engagement with industries, regions that advance our educational mission. To enhance the hidden talent of the students in all spheres of life, faculty members are highly dedicated towards the students so that they can prove themselves as responsible citizens.

  • Department of Applied Science would provide strong foundation to the students through different courses and expanded value added teaching, personality development and competitive abilities.
  • To enable students to develop their own abilities, talent & discover their teaming potential to the fullest recognized globally.
  • To inculcate a high sense of discipline and responsibility to meet the competitive world.
  •  To prepare students for academic excellence through lecture, Seminar and Conferences.

Events and Seminars

PO and CO


Impart knowledge of mathematics, basic and applied sciences.

Ability to work in teams on multi-disciplinary projects in industry and research organizations.

Develop awareness of the ethical, professional and environmental implications of work in a global and societal context.

Ability to identify, formulate and solve science problems based on data interpretation, design, experiment and analysis of results.

Students will continue their professional growth and the integration of new knowledge into their profession.



 Recognize fundamental aspects of applied sciences.

Apply knowledge of mathematics and science.

Design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data.

Identify, formulate and solve science problems.

Understand professional and ethical responsibility.

Communicate effectively.

Understand the impact of science in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context. 

 Recognize the need to engage in life-long learning.

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