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About the Faculty of Law

Department of Law under Dr. K. N. Modi University is an institution of legal education focusing on undergraduate and graduate legal and quality education in India .  Dr . K. N Modi university ‘ s department of law is located in Newai Rajasthan and approved by the Bar council of India .

 The following are the strength of the Department –


Department of law is a part of Dkmnu and running five-year integrated B.A.LL.B (Hons.), LL.B, LLM Programmers and has been approved by The Bar Council of India, New Delhi.

Department of Law has an impressive array of academic, sports and cultural facilities. It is one the finest institution and has all the requirements that a college needs to strive ahead .

HoD’s Desk

Law is a powerful profession and has always attracted young men and women who are in College search of an adventurous career where one can make a mark in the society, and indeed, can prosper, even while serving the society. Many of our freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel belonged to the legal profession. The Role of law as an instrument of social engineering is appreciated better now in the post war world. New areas of law such as human rights, environmental law, the interface between law and science and technology, all began pointing to the insufficiency of traditional law, legal thinking and legal education. Traditional legal education began to crumble down in the face of these intellectual challenges and socio-political changes. The traditional lawyers began to find them ill-equipped to handle new legal problem being constantly thrown up by the revolution in technology and globalization. Since dusk of the last century, there has been a serious introspection, particularly in the west, on the urgent need for reforms in legal education.

The legal education in Indian universities except for a few honorable exceptions was in shambles. The system failed to attract committed teachers, and it carried on largely with help of some young lawyers doubling as part-timers. This reflected on the Bench as well as the Bar. The judiciary took the initiative and the Bar council of India and the government also fell in line, and there arose the new five-year integrated Bachelor's Degree programme in legal education.

The  Law Department was established in 2010 in the State of Rajasthan to impart legal education. The college offers B.A LL.B five year integrated programme and LL.B Three year Degree course and one year LL.M.. As a part of practical training and to provide due exposure to students and teachers, Eminent Jurists, Senior Advocates and Eminent Professors from other Universities are invited to deliver extension lectures, conduct seminars and discussions. These programmes not only make law teaching more meaningful but highlight practical aspects of law and enhance practical approaches by refining the knowledge. The profession of law throws open various avenues of career-as a judge, a lawyer, a legal adviser or a law academician and in the corporate sector.

Our Vision

The Department of Law is devoted to strive for the human dignity, social justice and civil rights through disseminating the knowledge of Law.

Our Mission

To achieve excellence in educating professionals, advancing legal scholarship, serving the public and stimulate justice.

2. Aim to provide students with a well rounded legal system.

3. Our curriculum is designed to teach students about the law and to help them develop the skills necessary to use that knowledge in practice .

5. Our goal is for graduates to possess the core aptitude essential to embark on the practice of law. This core aptitude includes

a) legal analysis

b) legal research and writing

c) fundamental of dispute processing and legal problem solutions

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Moot court Activities –

In order to become a successful lawyer it is essential for a student to know how to apply the law he has learnt to a fact situation and to have awareness of the rules and the etiquettes of the Court. Moot Court competitions are like the laboratories of law schools where theoretical knowledge is tested in real life situations. Realizing this, the department of Law has been facilitating continuous training to the students to participate in Moot Court competitions organized by various universities and law school .

 As regards its performance in Moot Court competitions , Dkmnu participated in various moot court competition including the Sharda university Moot court during month of April 2017

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