Faculty of Agriculture

About the Faculty of Agriculture

Our department comprises of 13 faculty members and it if fully equipped with all necessary laboratory equipments and teaching mediums. Our students are given field training from time to time. The staff members put in their best efforts to achieve 100% success rate in every semester

HoD’s Desk

Education is training of the mind to think and B. Sc. Agriculture syllabus does not comprise of students like Agronomy, Horticulture, Soil Science, Plant Pathology, Plant Breeding & Genetics, and Entomology etc. So in order to provide excellent human resources in the field of agriculture, a well-equipped teaching environment and infrastructure is required.

After obtaining B. Sc. Agriculture degree, the students may pursue M. Sc. and take up teaching jobs or further enroll for a Ph. D. program. This course emphasizes the dream of Chairman Dr. D. K. Modi in providing the best agriculturists to the country.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading institute in the country providing student – responsive and training by both theoretical and practical approach in order to develop agriculture of the country and agro-industry.

  • To impart high class technical scientific and practically applicable professional education, uphold and maintain standard of academic excellence to the youth and human resources to service of society. 
  • Dissemination of technical know-how to enhance agricultural growth and rural development.
  • Socio economical upliftment of farmers.

Our Mission

Dr. K. N. Modi University believes in imparting complete theoretical and practical knowledge to its students by a two way teacher-students interaction.

    To equip the youth with professional competence in agriculture by using their intrinsic potential to cater the need of society for their upliftment and inculcate ethical values. This will create and disseminate knowledge in the sector of Agriculture and play a vital role in socio-economic development of the nation.

Events and Seminars

PO and CO

  • To impart education in Agriculture, Forestry and Post Harvest Management, and allied Fields.        
  • To promote training on sustainable development of agricultural productivity, low cost farming techniques. 
  • To encourage the youth for Agri-Entrepreneurships for their lively hood.
  • To provide consultancy in agriculture for disseminating the technologies to the farmer through integrated approaches.
  • Promote teacher-scholar model
  • Strengthen co-curricular programs that support experiential learning and 100% success rate
  • Development of excellent human resources to farmer and agro-industry of our country

Infrastructure / Facilities

  • Agriculture Extension Lab: Telephone and Television, Projector
  • Horticulture & Forestry Lab:  Grass Shear, Hedge Shear, Hand Refractometer, Garden Sprinkler, Hand Cultivator, Garden Fork, Loppers, Measuring Tape, Pruning Saw, Seedling Transplanter, Secateurs, Root Tray, Water Spray
  • Agronomy Lab: Auxanometer, pH Meter, Anemometer, Wine Vane Head, Specimen Box, Sickle, Hoe, Hand Fork
  • Plant Genetics Lab: Microscope,  Mortar & Pestle, Incubator, Weighing Machine, Spectrophotometer, Calorimeter, Burette, Petri dish, Slide , Bell Jar, Conical Flask
  • Animal Husbandry Lab: Lactometer, Milk Can, Measuring Can, Centrifuge Machine. 
  • Plant Pathology Lab: Compound Microscope, Laminar Air Flow, Autoclave, Simple Microscope, Refrigerator, Oven
  • Soil Science: pH Meter, Soil Testing Kit, Electronic Balance, Heating Plate, spectrophotometer, EC Meter, Flame Photometer, Hot Air Oven, Beaurette with Stand, Pipette, Beaker, Measuring Cylinder.
  • Agriculture Entomology: Insect Collecting Net, Specimen Bottle, Foot Spray, Knapsack, Distilled Water Can, Setting Board, Simple Microscope, Light Trap.

 Farm Facilities:  

 The Irrigation facilities, tractor and farm implements like cultivator, seed drill, disc plough, disc harrow, bund former etc. are available. The instructional farm facilities viz; Farm office, Farm store, Implement shed and Threshing floor are also available.

S. No.
Infrastructure and Facilities
1Staff Room
2Lecture Hall
3Practical Lab
4Seminar Hall
5Store Room
6Computer System

Evaluation Scheme

Student / Faculty Achievement

Sponsored Research & Consultancy Projects

Research Initiatives

  • Conducted field trial of Quinoa 

Co-Curricular and Extra-curricular activities

  • NSS
  • Indoor and Outdoor sports facilities such as Cricket Volley Ball Basket Ball Badminton Football, Table Tennis Parallel Bar, Push Up Bar

Workshop/Guestlectures/Industrial Visit


Institute Industry Interaction

Better interaction between Institutions and Industry is the need of an hour. For students it is important because they get exposure to industry and subsequent placement in various disciplines. On the other hand, with the advent of globalization and opening up of Indian economy to outside world, competition among the industries has become stiff. So industries also need good students who are well aware of industry standards and capable of achieving so. Therefore, there is an urgent need of interaction of industry and academics where academic institutes can prepare students for jobs in multinational companies and industry will also be benefited by possibility of receiving well-trained workforce



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