Assignment Submission

Assignment for Ph.D. Scholar

Research Methodolgy and Computer Application

1st Assignment



Q 1. What is meant by research, define it? Write about your research topic and justify the selection of your topic.

 Q 2. What are the characteristics of research? Describe in brief.

 Q 3.  What are the  different tools  for Data collection( Research Instruments)?

 Q 4. What is meant by Questionnaire? How a questionnaire is constructed?

 Q 5. What are the different steps of your research work?


Q 6. What is network? Give in brief different types of networks.

 Q 7. What are the advantages of Internet?

 Q 8. Explain the following-

 (I)                Extranet                    (II)  Website                  (III)  E-mail  

(IV)  E-collaboration           (V) Search engines        (VI) SPSS                  (VII) INFLIBNET


Quantitative Methods and Review of Research Work

2nd Assignment



Q 1. What is meant by correlation? Describe the various types of correlation and also mention about their importance in data analysis.

 Q 2. What is the role of quantitative techniques in your research programme? Describe in detail.

 Q 3. What is the factor analysis? Describe uses of factor analysis.

 Q 4.  What is multidimensional scaling (MDS)? How it is useful in research work ?

 Q 5.Explain the following –


(I)             Z-Test

(II)            F-Test

(III)          T-Test

(IV)         Chi Square Test


Q 6. Explain the following-

 (I)           Discriminant analysis 

(II)           Factor analysis

(III)          Custer analysis


Q 7. What is meant by review of literature regarding your research topic?

Q 8. Describe the different sources of review of literature.


Q9.What is Meta-analysis ?  What are the advantages and disadvantages of  Meta-analysis ?

Q10. Explain the following-

(I)          APA writing format 

(II)         MLA Writing Format 

(III)        Text Citation 

(IV)      Appendices 

(V)       Foot notes 

(VI)      Difference between tables and figures

(VII)     References 

(VIII)    Introduction




Assignment should be submitted on A4 size plain paper and Text in Time New Roman . Heading and subheading in 16 and 14 and general text in 12only.