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Voice of Experience

  • “Dr K.N.Modi University has taken a big & significant step by bringing World into India and showcasing India to the World. This congregation of various Countries is here on a common enterprise of Human Development through Education. We can come together on Education at Global Level only when we bring it to the level of Institute to Institute, Faculty to Faculty, Teacher to Teacher & Student to Student interaction. Otherwise the whole idea of this Globalisation of Education will remain in the committees, conceptuality & reports. There are around 200 Private Universities in India now. Students & faculty members from foreign countries are not very sure about the standard of education & infrastructure at these Universities. I would like to assure them that, Dr K.N.Modi University has so far the best infrastructure in Private Universities, Institutionally, on front of Faculty & its research resources. This Foundation came into being in the year 1942, I had an opportunity to assess the University for UGC and I am pleased to say that the University is on the right track to become a World Class Campus”.

    Prof. Dr. P.C.Vyas
    National Coordinator, Rajiv Gandhi Study Circle. Chairman, Bharat Seva Sansthan

  • “I congratulate Dr.K.N.Modi University for making the global education affordable. DKNMU is a platform where a world can learn not only English but a meaningful education at affordable price”.

    Dr. V S Ravindran
    Director General, ICTRC

  • “India is a very diverse society. I thank Dr K.N.Modi University for inviting and allowing sharing my thoughts on global education. I suggested Dr.K.N.Modi University to create association with universities across the world. I also promise to support DKNMU to get students from my country”.

    H.E. Dembo.M.Badjie
    Honourable Ambassador of the embassy of Republic of Gambia

  • “I strongly mentioned that education now-a-days is a common challenge, so we have to act and join efforts to tackle this challenge. It is indeed indispensable and necessary to create network across cultures in order to understand and generate solutions for some of the world’s greatest challenges and share educational resources worldwide. I suggest & congratulate DKNMU for university collaborations and to aim knowledge transfer partnership”.

    H.E. Ousmane Tandia
    Honourable Ambassador of the embassy of Republic of Mali

  • “I highly appreciate Dr.K.N.Modi University for taking the initiative to enhance global education in India. The Alliance for Global Education maintains the high standards of health and safety and academic quality. The Alliance provides stimulating, interdisciplinary study programs that maintain the high academic standards, strong student services, and careful health and safety measures. The core mission is to develop and promote innovative programs in vibrant, dynamic developed countries that are of ever-increasing scholarly, political, and economic interest”.

    Prof. Dr. Saad Shama
    Counsellor& Director of Cultural Office of the embassy of Arab Republic of Egypt.

  • “I am glad to join hands with Dr.K.N.Modi University to create more awareness on Value, Knowledge and Character, which are the basic pillar of the University”.

    David Taylor
    General Manager Businet

  • “India is one of the prime place for higher education”. I am glad that DKNMU is creating more awareness about the higher education across the world.

    Mr.Son Kuswadi
    Education Attaché, Embassy of Republic of Indonesia

  • “I thank India for the support of education for new generations. India is the mother of education & culture. The great Mahatma Gandhi gives two most prestigious things to the nation i.e “Charkha” and “Education” which is very important heritage for all of us. I thank Dr.K.N.Modi University for organising this significant congregation and wishes to have some Afghanistan students look forward to associate with the university.

    Member of Parliament & First Secretary Education, of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

  • I had a wonderful meeting with prof. Sharma and other faculties of Dr. K.N Modi University on 28.02. 2013. We discussed on exchange progromee, Educational needs of Afghanistan, and bringing some Afghan students to this great institution for learning of Erg. Low, computer studies etc.

    Modi group of defferent discipline was a wonderful educational university, and very reasonable for afghan students as well. We have a lot of similarities, some cuture. I am thankful of all the professor and other friends hope we will do our best for a very good corporation in the new future.

    Prof A. K. Rashid
    First Sec Education-Cultural, Embassy of Afghanistan to India

  • Dr. K.N Modi University is very nice university with good attitude and experienced leaders and staffs, I hope you can start a good cooperation with a Chinese university.

    Mr. Huang
    Chinese Embassy

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