Teaching Methodology

Our Care on teaching


Failed students can be given a set of  questions in the light of University pattern and ask them to write the correct answers in the form of assignments for all the units so that we can see considerable improvement in the final examinations.

Mere ‘pass’ has no meaning nowadays and hence mere ‘pass’ students should also do the above work. ‘First class‘ fellows may be motivated for distinction and University ranks directly by HoD’s and senior faculty members.

All students who were absent for the model examination/s should also do the assignment work. In addition to that work, they are to be asked to write the answers for the model Q.paper.

 While teaching we focus on the following :-
- Clarity
- Identify slow learning students & Focus
- Identify good students & focus
 - More interactive way
- A lot of examples
- Offer easy method of remembering subject
- Usage of smart systems / LCD for better impact
- Go round the class and give concentration to all students
- Go to class ONLY with proper preparation
- Simple language usage
- Computational work, one model and 4 similar homework
- Weekly assignments
- University pattern Questions
- Mock test in class
- Give assignments to refer books in Library
- Give assignments to use computer for internet browsing
- Weekly correct assignments and return
- End of semester, select best assignment work and ask students to use it as NOTES
- Model test bench mark
- Take daily feedback from students and correct teachers' ability
- Finally prototype drilling the students
- Class Chair person has to conduct a Class committee meeting monthly once
The following students members are to be present Mr./Ms.:
 Slow learning girl student
 Slow learning boy student
 Avg learning girl student
 Avg learning boy student
 Bright boy student
 Bright girl student
 The following will be verified :-
 Whether teacher comes to class on time
 Clarity of teacher
 Preparation of teacher
 Whether teacher allows interaction or not
 Whether lesson plan copy is given on the first day
 Whether teaching is as per lesson plan following the text
 Whether teacher motivates the students
 Whether teacher teaches beyond subject
 Whether teacher corrects assignments / tests
 Any other remarks on faculty, any general remarks by students