Physical Education and sports is the birthright to access, which is essential for full development of one's personality. We, at Dr. K.N. Modi University, have Sport and Extra Curricular Committee which conducts various Physical Education Activities, Games and Sports Activities and other Recreational Activities.

Facilities for Football, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball and Athletics are provided.
Besides we have a LORD'S CLUB (college sport's club) which has the following facilities:

Tennis Courts

Badminton Court

Indoor Games

Health Club 


Outdoor Games

The University teams participates in  IIT Kanpur Other Tournaments of IT-Benares Hindu University, Varanasi held every year and various sports event held in other Technical Institutes. Besides these the University also conducts Tournaments of various events.  Annual Gaming meet is held with great fanfare and participated in with full zest and zeal.

Besides, the University also conducts various Yoga Activities, which are being taught by a Yoga Guru, which gives a boost to the moral and intellect of the student. Individual championship and group championship is awarded.