According to industry reports (NASSCOM, CII & FICCI), only 25%of graduates are considered employable. So the challenge before our nation is to create and sustain an education system that is responsive to the new and dynamic environment of economic revolution. India is fast emerging as a knowledge society and becoming integrated with other knowledge societies of the world. Indian youth is increasingly participating in higher education. But while expansion of higher education is important, quality education is equally paramount. DKNMU helps students to develop their leadership skills in different fields so they can provide leadership to different organizations. We inculcate global competencies among them and help them realize their potential.

DKNMU educational offerings committed to all-round development of the students. Thus, we provide those excellent teaching-learning resources and the right kind of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities which is the appropriate platform to the budding professionals for entering the corporate world and contribute towards nation’s development. Doctoral programs in DKNMU are quite robust and they are producing substantial number of PhD graduates every year.

University-Corporate linkages are quite strong. The University has a wide network of alumni and we are well connected with them. They participate in different academic and co-curricular activities to interaction with the current students. Secondly, experts from industry continuously visit and interact with faculty and students. Corporate Relations Cells constantly work for the employability and employment of students.

I am confident that all our stakeholders would find their relationship with us as value adding and satisfying. Prospective students will get high quality education and employability and recruiters would get industry ready graduates.

I urge you to join the community of Dr. K.N. Modi University and contribute to creating a better society at large.