The process of placement at Dr. K. N Modi is conducted by sending placement invitation letters to the companies enclosing the placement brochure of the University. The companies visit the campus for a Pre-Placement talk either before the selection processes or combine it with the final recruitment. On receipt of information / confirmation, the placement office announces the requirements of the company through various notice boards of the University, whereby interested students contact the placement officers. Subsequently the CV’s are forwarded to the company for further processing.

The company shortlists candidates that fit their job profiles from the application pool and send the same to the Placement Office. A mutually convenient date is finalized for the selection processes. The company is required to furnish the final list of students preferably on the same day, or as soon as possible, after completion of the selection process. The offer letters need to be sent to the Placement Office for handing over to the students. Offer acceptances (from the students) received, will be sent to the company by the placement officer.