Corporate Social Responsibility

Dr K N Modi Foundation as well as the University are synonymous with addressing issues and taking up tasks which are relevant to the welfare of the society. Students, Faculty and Staff are committedly involved in realising the resounding success of these events. University is the Cynosure amongst everybody in the region including Government establishments and organisations for taking up activities relevant to the region


Apart from conducting/organising routine blood donation camps, eye camps, health camps and so on, students of our University are contributing to the cause of eradicating illiteracy in the region by taking up the task of educating and guiding the people through several modes and ways. University on its own has adopted villages with a vow to uplift its overall quality related to life and living of its people, has contributed substantially in digging up ponds and wells in the region to augment for the shortage of water experienced during summer seasons. Tree plantation, free drinking water supply to the general public, feeding of birds in the campus and in the region and above all being second to none, not only in contributing but also in taking up causes and tasks very relevant to the region.