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Welcome to India

Dr. K.N. Modi University welcomes international students following India’s long history of hospitality and education. International students make the University community a unique mix of people from varying backgrounds, cultures and races, and this creates a wonderful symbiotic environment to learn from one another. At our University, we highly value this diversity and continue to foster opportunities to expand international and multicultural understanding.

With the advent of the globalization era, the need to study in another country adds that extra edge to our personality. With its global outlook, our University has much to offer you in the way of learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom and is an ideal place for you to pursue higher education and share experiences on a common platform.

Other than high class education your stay is made interesting with cultural clubs and societies, sports facilities, cultural fests and events, etc. in turn increasing the awareness of the world around you. It is our hope that you take full advantage of these opportunities and become deeply involved in the day to day life of the University.

The University provides a nurturing and supportive environment to make your transition to India comfortable and enjoyable. Good luck with this new adventure called Education!


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