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Seminars & Workshops

As part of our academic endeavours we organize seminars and workshops

Robotic Workshop


Dr. K.N. Modi University had organized a Robotic workshop in collaboration with IIT khargpur on 19th-20th NOV., The workshop was conducted under the chair person Dr. D.K.Modi and the President of Dr. K.N. Modi University. The theme of the workshop was hand gesture operated robots using accelerometer. Thus was tremendous enthusiasm and keen interest shown by the student. The student was bubbling with their Robots. Performance and had first-hand knowledge of microcontroller, sensor, motors and organizing. The Robotic Competition was held. Dr. K.N. Modi University has keen interest in organizing scientific workshop and seminars.



‘Emerging Trends in Higher Education‘

About Seminar

Dr. K.N. Modi University organized National Seminar on “Emerging Trends in Higher Education “

Innovations in Higher Education have created a buzz all around and are being perceived as a “felt need” and an effective mechanism to compete and sustain in this area of knowledge economy. The Government has kept it on top of its agenda and has already initiated several steps towards it. There has been substantial unanimity and coherence in the understanding within stakeholders that innovation does not necessarily denote invention / origin of new thoughts and ideas in isolation, but can also be achieved through diffusion of ideas and concepts from one institution to another, partnerships and collaborations. This seminar provided a common platform for the Principals , Educationists to deliberate their views on issues related to “Higher Education”.


This helped in finding out fruitful solution for problems related to Higher Education and Moral values in their day to day life.

CHIEF PATRON : Dr. D.K. Modi– Chairperson, Dr. K.N. Modi University

CHIEF ADVISOR : Prof. B.S. Sharma – Director General, Dr. K. N. Modi University


Mr. Pradeep Kumar. (Ret. IAS), Dr. K. N. Modi University
Mr. Sanjay Gupta: Trustee Dr. K.N .Modi Foundation
Dr. Francis C Peter - President Dr. K.N. Modi University


Mr. Rajendra Sharma

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