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Spandan is a three /four day annual festival aimed at providing a platform for the students, professionals and academicians to come together at a national level, to share their ideas and exhibit their talent.

Titillated by the huge success of Spandan’10 which was concluded by the very famous Euphoria Band which gathered a huge crowd of the young spirited students of the Modi foundation, the third year students continued the saga with the grand SPANDAN maintaining the glorious history of the K. N .Modi Foundation for the past 73 years, making all of us proud for being a part of this ‘ELITE’ Dr. K.N. Modi Foundation.

As a launch pad to the SPANDAN’11, for course-changing , positive environmental action a rally labelled ‘CLEAN INDIA, GREEN INDIA’ was conducted on the day 1, which activated every member of the foundation to strengthen the collective fight against man’s exploitive relationship with the planet. Students carried slogans “like- love the earth, it’s the only one we have got”, “learn to recycle and use your bicycle”, “treat the earth how you want the earth to treat you” , with full zeal to bring and effect to the rally.

The chief dignitaries devoted their valuable time from their otherwise busy schedule to enliven the moment of celebration. SDM, Modinagar, Sh. Gyanendra Singh, blessed the college with his benign presence whose support was a stimulus for the successful endeavours.

To boost up the youth of K N Modi Foundation, a much known contemporary poet, Dr. Kumar Vishwas enlightened up the fest with his benevolent presence and won the hearts of all through his extraordinary and worth appraising magical poetry.

The other attention gaining events were the SARGAM and ROCK THE STAGE which caused goose bumps amongst the audience when the youth of the foundation displayed incredible talents on stage. The audience was truly hypnotized by the intoxicating performances. The enthralling BAND competition ROCK ON compelled every ones souls to dance with the music.

Another exciting event was WALL PAINTING which represented the hidden reality with its shattering effect. Creativity was in its full form and the walls of Dr. KNMIET were beautifully poured with perfect combination of colors revealing the Indian culture and patriotism.

May other events like antakshari, face painting, ad-renalin, India calling, tech- collage, just 1 minute, king of scraps, code maestros and a lot more attracted the students of whole NCR to actively participate and win wonderful prizes.

Robotics, a very special technical event gathered a huge crowd and the winners were awarded with huge ransom prize money.

The total prize money for all the events in the fest was about 2.5 lacs which were awarded to the best stuff of students in their respective fields. Many great sponsers, like Spykar, NIIT, CADD centre, and many more aided the fest a lot financially and with other goodies.

The thematic festival on Indian culture continued with the most modern and contemporary unforgettable fashion show, Sanskriti with the spectrum of classical glamour ethereal extravaganza attributes merged with eclectic creativity amazing all with the discreet fusion of practicality and a futuristic touch.

A soothing and a visually stimulating laser show which pulsed the lasers to the beat beaming over the audiences head kept the public excited and breathless adding energy to the Spandan and gave it a final touch.

This way, the Spandan, the saga continues and surveyed the opportunity to the students of the Dr. K.N. Modi Foundation to enhance their overall personality and added another glorifying and shining name to the history of Dr. K.N. Modi Foundation.

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