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President's Desk


    Prof. (Dr.) Devendra Pathak

   Vice Chancellor





Higher education in India is in the melting pot. It has been widely blamed for lacking in dissemination of quality education adding into vast pool of skill-deficit. A vibrant and energetic youth ends up mostly only with a piece of paper in his hand (Degree) deficient to contribute his/her mite in the socio-economic milieus of the nation and the world. Why are these gaps?  Where does the problem lie? Whether curriculum is market-driven?  Whether industry’s expectations do mismatch from academic delivery? Whether the gaps have been mapped and courseware developed to conjoin theory with practice?

The future of Higher Education had never been so much challenging as also possibilities so much demanding as we have today. It has been a common interrogation to all the conscious pundits as to how to leverage academic delivery to bridge the gulf. The existing academic dispensation has to adopt a greater flexibility with cutting-edge knowledge, change in focus on what to deliver and how to synchronise with rapidly changing market scenario. Education is not just a tool for fulfilling the career objectives of students but also a means of opening them to a new world of possibilities. Our University aims at tapping the unbridled enthusiasm of the students to stay ahead of the pack by encouraging holistic personality development. It calls for recasting, re-engineering and fine-tuning of the deliverables with paradigm shift in teaching methodology and pedagogy. 
Dr. K N Modi University, a brainchild of a visionary, an educationist and a philanthropist presents a distinct platform with exceptionally congenial academic environ for incubation of future catalysts to outperform global benchmark. Nestled in the corridors of ancient rich heritage of knowledge, ignited by the mission to excel, complemented by panoramic infrastructure, state-of the –art labs, library etc., the University endeavours to harness the best techno-managerial practices addressed to ever changing dynamics of the market. Grounded in the guidance of highly qualified Faculty, rooted in the pursuit of intellectual excellence , it attempts to unlock inquisitiveness for experiential  learning fostering quality leadership through better emotional quotient, value-based teaching, stress on ethics, social responsibility and better governance.
I welcome you all in this great temple of learning.
Prof. (Dr.) Devendra Pathak
Vice Chancellor
BA (Hons), MA (Eco), MBA (Finance), PGDSE, CAIIB, AMT (AIMA), Ph. D (BU), Ph. D (USA)



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